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Monascus Red E150


Key words:

Red Yeast Rice

Summary Introduction

Wuhan Jiacheng biotechnology Co.,Ltd, , one of the earliest Red Yeast Rice manufacturer in China, is the constructor of National Standard of Red Yeast Rice. Our company is mainly engaged in the development, research, production and sales of monascus series products. Since it was founded in 2000, the company adhere to seeking existence by quality and promoting development by reputation.

Advisory hotline: +86-27-8683-8837


Details Introduction

Product description:

Monascus Red Colorant is a locally developed all natural colorant and considered a viable substitute for synthetic colors. Since it is locally produced, importation cost will be eliminated, product safety is assured, reliable supply of colorants and lastly, prices will be cheaper as compared to the existing imported colorants. Monascus Red is produced by microorganisms of the genus Monascus. It is a water soluble obtained by mixing monascus with steamed rice, by method of liquid deep fermentation in controlled temprature, without adding any chemical additives. As it is natural and strong coloring ability, it is more and more widely used in meat products, drinks, bakery.


Product Specification:




Dark brown powder

Color Value:



Water Soluble / Alcohol Soluble

Drying Loss:                

≤6.0 %


≤10 %

Arsenic (As) :                         

≤1 ppm

Lead (Pb) :                          

≤5 ppm

Aflatoxin B1: 

≤5 ppb

Total Plate count:

≤5000 cfu/g

E.coli (MPN/100g):



Not Detected

Shelf life

24 Months


Product features:

  • Powder form with fruity fermented scent
  • Soluble in water and alcohol
  • Improves color, flavor and general acceptability of food and beverages
  • High antioxidant activity
  • 2 years shelf life


Application fields:

Sausage, Ham, Sauce, Condiment, Bakery, Drinks, etc.

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