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Key words:

Red Yeast Rice

Monascus Red

Summary Introduction

Wuhan Jiacheng biotechnology Co.,Ltd, , one of the earliest Red Yeast Rice manufacturer in China, is the constructor of National Standard of Red Yeast Rice. Our company is mainly engaged in the development, research, production and sales of monascus series products. Since it was founded in 2000, the company adhere to seeking existence by quality and promoting development by reputation.

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Details Introduction

Product description:

Red Yeast Rice a product which is made by traditional fermentation, and has more than 1000 years of history. As early as in tenth Century in ancient China, it was applied in food and medicine. There are different kinds of Monascus strains which could lead to different kinds of red yeast rice. At the very beginning, red yeast rice was served as food colorant, food preservative and also used in Chinese red wine fermentation, people gradually found that it was also helpful for digest, stomach and blood circle system. It was recorded in China pharmacopoeia in Ming dynasty. In 1977, Japanese scientist discovered the active substance Monacolins which was consequently demonstrated to cholesterol-lowering effects by several clinical tests in western countries. Nowadays, red yeast rice becomes one of the most popular health food supplements because its 100% natural fermented. With modern fermentation technology, this great invention of ancient China is developed to be the most effective food supplement for hypercholesterolemia and hyperlipidemia patients in worldwide.


Product specification:



Monacolin K: 

0.1 % (min)


Red powder or Granule (to the order)


Monacus purpureus fermented on Non-CMO rice


90% passed 100 mesh Granule or customized


10 %

Heavy Metal(Pb) : 

1 ppm


1 ppm

Aflatoxin B1: 

5.0 ppb

Citrinin : 



100 cfu/g



Total Plate: 

10000 cfu/g


30 cfu/g

Pathogenic Bacteria: 


Shelf Life:

24 months


Product features:

  • 100% natural fermented from Monascus purpureus
  • Own Non-GMO rice production base
  • Citrinin content is strictly controlled during production by professional QC team.
  • PH value widely applied with stable performance

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