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Red Fermented Rice


Key words:

Summary Introduction

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Details Introduction

Red Fermented Rice Introduction

Red Fermented Rice, is a kind of natural food colorant, which is made from Non-GMO rice on Monascus Anka species. As a safe and stable red colorant, it is widely used in food industry especially in meat products and baking industry, such as sausage and bakery. Red fermented rice is almost the cheapest natural pigment for food industry compared with other pigments. Beside red color agent, it also acts as preservative and flavor as well. Color value is the main factor to evaluate the efficacy of red fermented rice, we can provide 1000u/g to 4000u/g product as per customers’ requirement.


Product Features:

  • Color is bright and stable, strong coloring ability
  • 100% natural fermented, safe and no side effects
  • High Color value range, 1000u/g ~ 4000u/g, all specification can be supplied as customers’ requirement

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