"Esterified Monascus Strain and Its Production Technology" was authorized by the State Patent for Invention

2019-08-01 16:27

A few days ago, Jiacheng Biotechnology received a notice from the State Intellectual Property Office that the invention patent "Esterified Monascus Strain and Its Production Technology" applied for by the company in April 2013 was officially granted the invention patent right on July 15, 2019.



  The invention patent discloses a esterified Monascus strain, which is based on Monascus rubrum and other strains separated from traditional monascus, and uses modern biotechnology technology to isolate, screen, mutate, breed, rejuvenate, and combine bacteria to obtain a number of esterified Monascus strains with strong esterification activity. On February 23, 2011, the patent was deposited in the China Typical Culture Preservation Center. The patent number is CCTCC NO: M2011048. The application of esterified Monascus in liquor production can effectively improve the esterification ability of Daqu, promote the conversion of organic acids into corresponding esters, and it has strong selectivity for the conversion of hexanoic acid and acetic acid into ethyl caproate and ethyl acetate, so that organic acids can be converted into corresponding esters, thus eliminating the toxic effect of acid on cells; It can also enrich the aroma components of wine. Accelerating esterification of organic acids and alcohols, promoting the formation of esters, shortening the fermentation period of liquor, increasing the synthesis ability of aromatic substances such as ethyl caproate, and significantly improving the yield of high-grade liquor.
  Jiacheng Biological Company put forward the concept of "esterified monascus" in the field of bio-brewing since 2003, and made unremitting and in-depth research on it as a microecological starter of multi-micro and multi-enzyme system for many years. It originally developed esterified monascus, fermented Monascus and other products, and its properties, physical and chemical properties, safety properties, etc. Based on the enterprise standard "Esterified Monascus" and "Fermented Monascus", the company participated in drafting and formulating the national light industry standard QB/T5188-2017 "Brewing Monascus", which was implemented in April 2018. It has made a positive contribution to the use of modern biotechnology to promote the revitalization of traditional Chinese red koji and the wide application of red koji in the bio-brewing industry.
  The formal authorization of the invention patent is a full affirmation of the research and development work of Wuhan Jiacheng Biological Products Co., Ltd. in the research and development of strains, application and commercialization by combining modern biotechnology with traditional brewing technology. It also marks that the company is at the forefront of the field of bio-brewing technology.

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