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  Job information
  Responsible for the marketing planning, market development, channel construction and operation management of "Dietary Kangyuan" Zihongqu Health Food Series products, undertaking the company's marketing objectives and tasks.
  1. Responsible for product marketing planning and opening up new channels and terminal markets;
  2. Be responsible for guiding and controlling the direction and progress of marketing work, formulating, auditing and implementing target market sales plans;
  3. Analyse and forecast sales market and product information to provide accurate and relevant information for decision-making.
  4. Responsible for product sales policy, sales management system, management process formulation and organization and implementation;
  5. Responsible for the formation of subordinate teams, training management and assessment.
  Job conditions:
  1. Age 30-45 years old, more than five years of relevant work experience, familiar with functional food or health products industry and other related work. It is preferable to have a wide range of interpersonal resources or sales network resources in the industry.
  2. Have a profound understanding and grasp of the health industry, master the marketing methods of the industry, and be familiar with various market operation modes;
  3. Strong ability to work independently, be able to plan and implement market development plan independently, and have successful experience in promoting large-scale market activities;
  4. Good communication and cooperation skills and marketing team building experience and ability.
  Post treatment:
  Basic wage + welfare such as social security and health insurance + sales target commission + stock option
  This position is recruited by Wuhan Jiacheng Biological Products Co., Ltd. "Dietary Kangyuan" Zihongqu Healthy Rice is a new product independently developed by the company. It is a nutritional and healthy staple food, a new category in the industry, and a concrete embodiment of the concept of "functional food popularization and popular food functionalization". At present, the project products are stepping up preparations for listing. With the vision of "applying biotechnology, developing green products, sharing nutrition and health, and creating a better future together", the company recruits talents from core positions as its partners. Partners are required to have the belief of joint venture besides professional skills and organizational leadership. If you only value fixed wages and short-term benefits, don't send your resume. The company welcomes talented and ambitious people to join us.
  Founded in 2000, Wuhan Jiacheng Biological Products Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise which integrates research, development, production and sales of biotechnology products. We have developed a series of red koji products with all independent intellectual property rights, which are widely used in wine making, health care products, pharmaceuticals, food, condiments, meat products and other industries. The company has the right to import and export independently. Its products are sold in more than 20 provinces and cities throughout the country and in Taiwan. The products are exported to 18 countries, such as EU, USA, Malaysia, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Australia, Egypt and so on. With its excellent quality and service, the products are subjected to many famous and excellent breweries, health products factories, etc. Food, meat products and condiments enterprises are widely praised.
  "Dietary Kangyuan" Zihongqu Healthy Rice is a new product independently developed by the company. With the vision of "applying biotechnology, developing green products, sharing nutrition and health, creating a better future", the company actively develops health products, innovates marketing mode, builds "Dietary Kangyuan" brand and healthy staple food product series, and realizes "Red". The enterprise development goal of koji product first.
  "Diekangyuan" purple Monascus healthy rice is made from functional Monascus fermented by high-quality northeast rice and excellent performance of purple monascus, which is processed by modern advanced technology. With delicate taste, balanced nutrition and rich natural statins, it is the first choice for staple foods of high blood lipid, obesity and middle-aged and elderly people.

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