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  Job information
  1. Responsible for sales and promotion of company products in special channels;
  2. Developing new customers and increasing product sales;
  3. Responsible for the collection of market information in the jurisdiction;
  4. Be responsible for coordinating with the planning and execution of sales activities in the sales area and accomplishing sales tasks.
  5. Be responsible for organizing and implementing small-scale academic promotion conferences.
  1. College degree or above;
  2. Has the spirit of hardworking, perseverance, strong execution, good communication and negotiation skills;
  3. Strong learning ability, good psychological quality and strong self-discipline;
  4. Major in medicine, pharmacy, food biology and marketing. Experience in medical and health industry is preferred.
  5. Relevant work experience and new graduates are welcome to join. Driving experience is preferred.
  "Dietary Kangyuan" Zihongqu Healthy Rice is a new product independently developed by the company. With the vision of "applying biotechnology, developing green products, sharing nutrition and health, creating a better future", the company actively develops health products, innovates marketing mode, builds "Dietary Kangyuan" brand and healthy staple food product series, and realizes "Red". The enterprise development goal of koji product first.
  "Diekangyuan" purple Monascus healthy rice is made from functional Monascus fermented by high-quality northeast rice and excellent performance of purple monascus, which is processed by modern advanced technology. With delicate taste, balanced nutrition and rich natural statins, it is the first choice for staple foods of high blood lipid, obesity and middle-aged and elderly people.

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